The Case Against John Campbell going to TVNZ!

A lot of people have been saying online that they think John Campbell should join Hilary Barry as a new co host of Seven Sharp. Though it is possible that he could go, I think this is unlikely for several reasons, though I actually have no clue as to what he will do, this is all my theory.

Firstly, a lot of effort and equipment purchase went into the creation of Checkpoint with John Campbell. This is RNZ’s first multi-platform show that is radio with pictures! It broadcasts out live over the internet, on Sky, on Freeview and Vodafone, over the radio and is available to watch or listen to via video or podcast afterwards.

Secondly, Checkpoint with John Campbell is very much in the spirit of Campbell Live. Seven Sharp has been more of an infotainment show and we all know that John Campbell has already refused to co-host a lighter weight current affairs show while he was at MediaWorks. Even if they change the nature of this new show, there is no guarantee that he will end up with a show that is as close to Campbell Live as the one he has got now.

His current show is much longer than Seven Sharp which is only 30 minutes long and, with commercials, works out to be approximately 22 minutes long. Checkpoint runs for 90 minutes and, programme promos aside, is commerical free. This allows John to have a show that has greater flexibility with its format and gives him more time to cover more topics.

Checkpoint with John Campbell has a very promising future. Judging by the GFK radio survey results, Checkpoint seems to have similar audience numbers to Campbell Live. These numbers can only improve once RNZ gets its new public service TV channel where it is highly likely that Checkpoint will become a fully fledged TV show in addition to its various other media.

Finally, Radio New Zealand has a better reputation, in New Zealand, as a broadcaster than Television New Zealand at the moment. John is winning a lot of awards for his work at RNZ. His latest award from the Association for International Broadcasting for Best Presenter of the Year for Audio! In fact, many presenters win awards for their journalism at RNZ. Surely this is a place where is he proud to have such a prominent role! He also gets to work with Pip Keane and Carol Hirschfeld!

All in all, I think that John Campbell has every reason to feel happy at RNZ, but that’s just me, I don’t know what’s afoot with him moving or not.









14 thoughts on “The Case Against John Campbell going to TVNZ!

  1. I couldn’t agree more. TVNZ is beneath John, he should stay where he is.
    Rhys Jones

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  2. Definitely better where he is! TV is progressively losing viewers anyway – it may not be a good strategic move at all.

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    1. Hi Belinda, good point, TV isn’t exactly cutting edge anymore!


  3. Hi Rhys, agreed. TVNZ seems to have lost a lot of its soul, especially after TVNZ6&7 were shut down!


  4. John Does a superb job on Check Point. His passions and his talents are far more suited to Checkpoint than a show like Seven sharp.

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    1. Hi Steve, definitely, he really shines there!


  5. I really enjoy John Campbell and I think he is GREAT on Checkpoint. RNZ is my “go to”, so i hope he stays with RNZ

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    1. Hi Tina, I think he’s great too. I look forward to 5pm!


  6. I agree with all of the previous comments. TV1’s and TV3’s version of the news, as entertainment, is such a bullshit concept and John is way, way above this. Furthermore, wouldn’t he be constrained on TV to reflect the mainstream media’s pro-American, right-wing bias. Stay with public service radio, John, and continue to to do us all a ‘service’.

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    1. Hi Allan, excellent point, this is true, he could have commercial constraints put upon him should he move into commercial TV full time!


  7. Absolutely right. If NZ TV improves then maybe but in the meantime – kia kaha, John.

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  8. I agree with all the above. But isn’t it shameful to have to acknowledge that Checkpoint and Morning Report are the only serious current affairs programmes we get on air. There is nothing on TV to compare with these radio programmes (except sometimes Q and A, and also Native Affairs on Maori TV). Long may John Campbell prosper – like Kim Hill, he is a national treasure.

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    1. Hi Jill, I agree. John and Kim do very fine work! We are very lucky to have RNZ!


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