Government Broadcasting portfolio has been disestablished, where to now for Radio New Zealand?

Today the government announced their cabinet reshuffle. The Broadcasting portfolio has been disestablished and its responsibilities will now be divided between the Communications and the Arts, Culture and Heritage portfolios. I am not sure how this would work, whether content would go under Arts, Culture and Heritage and the transmission sites would go under Communications? Somebody pointed out to me that the Housing portfolio has also been broken up. That made me wonder whether this might be the first stage in dismantling part or all of Radio New Zealand? I hope not.

The ministers who are now responsible for RNZ are Steven Joyce – Minister of Finance,  Simon Bridges – Minister of Communications and Maggie Barry – Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage.

Here is the link to the petition to increase funding for RNZ :


2 thoughts on “Government Broadcasting portfolio has been disestablished, where to now for Radio New Zealand?

  1. oh dear this gets worse and worse….as you put above for Human Rights Day….Knowledge is power…please please lets not get RNZ closed down!!

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  2. Yes this seems to be another act to dumb down the public and reinforce an
    anti-intellectual attitude in favour of consumer populism.
    It is like the flag poll which showed that people do not want traditional NZ culture to be dumped and replaced by a black corporate sport logo. We are more than a sporting team. Even when millions are spent on sport and the flag debate it was encouraging to see that there is a deep down sense that we must not kowtow completely to this manipulation.
    What excuse is being used by the highly educated intelligent Ministers to justify their demoting of Radio NZ? I suppose it is the same old reason that they are trying to cut costs.

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