John Campbell Is Back On TV!

John Campbell is officially back on TV! He was live on Q+A with Corin Dann and they ran his first story for TVNZ! He wanted to find out how some of our poorest families are faring a year after the government has been elected. This piece focused on low income households of people who are renting.

Campbell says that he will follow up the issue of poverty in New Zealand over the next few weeks and months.  He added that according to Susan St John, “The scale of the problem must not be underestimated.” He went on to add that the Salvation Army has had an unprecedented demand for support and that there is a new demand for assistance from the working poor.

This is only the beginning! It will also be great to see him guest present on: Tonight, Breakfast, Seven Sharp, 1 News and Q+A!

You can find the video of his story here 

Good to see that John is still doing the stories that matter!


Header photo credit: TVNZ

1 thought on “John Campbell Is Back On TV!

  1. This government bank $15.00 in my account for food after rent an power why is labour government trying to stave familys


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