RNZ Won 6 NZ Radio Awards!

RNZ did well in last night’s NZ Radio Awards! Out of its 21 nominations, it has won 6 awards!

Best Creative Feature

  • Voice of an Iceberg. Alison Ballance and Marc Chesterman.
    You can listen to the series here.

Best Podcast and Best Documentary

  • The 9th Floor. Tim Watkin, Guyon Espiner, Claire Eastham-Farrelly, Rebekah Parsons-King, Damian Golfinopoulos, Diego Opatowski, Jeremy Ansell, Rangi Powick, Blair Stagpoole and Jeremy Veal.

You can listen to the series here.

Best News or Sports Journalist

  • Benedict Collins

Best Daily or Weekly Feature

  • Up This Way. Simon Morton, Alison Ballance and Richard Scott.

You can listen to podcasts of this show here.

And finally, Lloyd Scott received an award for Services to Broadcasting! How awesome is that?


You can listen to a podcast about Lloyd Scott’s career here.


Well done too to all the nominees!

You can find the full list of the NZ Radio Awards winners here:  Winner & Finalists 2018





2 thoughts on “RNZ Won 6 NZ Radio Awards!

  1. Our national treasure doing what it does best!! Fantastic stuff, and wonderful that RNZ can be above the “fake News” b/s of our times and just report the issues with empathy, engagement, commitment and accuracy. Where would we be without it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely, David, I’m so proud of them!


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