Meet RNZ’s Funding Monster!


RNZ’s funding is in a terrible state. I met him last Thursday outside RNZ in Auckland. He was busy begging the public for help!



Poor guy, he had lots of people coming up to him asking why he was so emaciated!

Funding Monster RNZ


He poured his heart out to me afterwards, it was not a pretty story!


#FundRNZ – The fight continues …

2 thoughts on “Meet RNZ’s Funding Monster!

  1. I have worked as a journalist with NZBC and TVNZ in New Zealand, ABC in Australia, BBC in Britain and SBC in Singapore. I also spent a short time in commercial broadcasting in the UK. I believe that every civilized democracy should have an independent broadcasting system. We have been robbed of this in television, but it is vital that RNZ remains as our properly funded national broadcaster. It is not plausible to treat public broadcasting as part of the ideological free-market philosophy.

    Rhys Jones

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  2. When public service and publicly funded broadcasting decline you know that democracy itself is under attack from those

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