FUND RNZ Says Elected Government Must Adequately Fund RNZ Or There Will Be A Referendum!

Wednesday, 13 September, 12:30pm.

Media Release:  FUND RNZ to pursue a nationwide Referendum if our elected government won’t substantially increase RNZ’s funding.

By Jo Bond – Fund RNZ Organiser

Radio New Zealand is severely underfunded and needs to have its financial future secured regardless of which parties form a government in our General Election, says Organiser of Fund RNZ Jo Bond.

“If our elected government won’t increase RNZ’s funding by at least $12 million, Fund RNZ is going to pursue a nationwide referendum by collecting over 300, 000 signatures around the country.”

“RNZ’s funding is still around $12 million short of what it needs to adequately run the organisation as it stands right now

“RNZ’s 9 year funding freeze came to an end earlier this year when the government gave it a funding increase of $11.4 million extra over 4 years. This works out to be $2.8 million extra per year.”

“While this is an improvement, the funding increase isn’t large enough to reverse the downward spiral that RNZ has been going down for at least 10 years.”

“I am concerned that RNZ could further suffer asset sales, redundancies, programme and AM transmission reductions.”

“There are just 10 days left until this year’s General Election and I’m hoping RNZ’s future will be secured by whichever government we get on September the 23rd.”

“The fight continues until RNZ gets adequate funding.”



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