RNZ Still Has A Funding Shortfall!

  • RNZ had a funding increase of $11.4 million over 4 years which works out to be an extra $2.85 million per year.
  • RNZ needs an extra $14.96 million per year.
  • This means that its funding goes from $35, 410,000 to $38,260,000 per year.
  • This funding increase is for technology and improving capability.
  • $12.11 million funding shortfall.
  • Although RNZI still only gets $1.9 million per year, it is going to indirectly benefit from the small funding increase.
  • This extra funding is not guaranteed beyond the next 5 years.
  • TVNZ7 closed down because its funding wasn’t guaranteed beyond 2012.
  • RNZ’s digital upgrade, which enabled Checkpoint with John Campbell to be broadcast in pictures, along with the $736,000 in redundancy expenses left RNZ with a $1.39 million operating deficit.
  • That amounted to a 12% funding cut – in real terms with increase in costs of stuff. What is the current funding cut now?
  • KPMG report
  • $11.4 million over 4 years which works out to be just $2.85 million extra per year and it is for technology. The KPMG report that RNZ commissioned into the state of their finances ten years ago showed that they needed between 6 and 7 million extra per year then. Now it should be an extra $14.96 million per year. So they have a $12.11 million per year funding shortfall at the moment.

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