Public Meeting about the state of Radio New Zealand’s Funding!

There will be a public meeting, with a panel of speakers, to discuss the state of Radio new Zealand’s funding. It will be held on Monday the 20th of March at 1:30pm in the Burns 1 lecture theatre at the University of Otago. You can RSVP here.

There are just 75 days left until this year’s Budget and I’m hoping that the government will give RNZ a decent funding increase with the guarantee of further annual increases to keep up with inflation.

Last year, the government disestablished the Broadcasting portfolio and split its responsibilities between the Communications and the Arts, Culture and Heritage portfolios.

I am concerned that RNZ will continue to sell its assets, make people redundant and cut programmes just to keep costs down.

We have an opportunity to do something about this by sending a message to the government that we care about RNZ, a good way to do this would be to sign and share the petition.

I don’t think they can wait another year! Let’s end the 9 year funding freeze! Let’s #FundRNZ !


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