NZ On Air asking public for feedback on proposed funding strategy.

New Zealand On Air is inviting the public to give feedback over their proposed funding changes see: Feedback is due on Friday the 18th of November and can be emailed to

I don’t think that Radio New Zealand should be funded by New Zealand On Air. It’s our non-commercial public service broadcaster. It should be funded separately and have that funding increased to a level that it can not only sustain itself, but would never have a financial need to apply for additional funding.

Under the proposed changes, RNZ would be funded under the Platform stream. As far as I can ascertain, RNZ would be sharing the $43 million allocated to the Platform stream with at least 16 other media outlets. RNZ currently gets $31,816,000 from New Zealand On Air. It is unlikely that they would be getting a funding increase, if the pool is $43 million, because that would leave just $11, 184, 000 to be shared around the rest of the organisations in the stream. In theory, RNZ can apply for additional funding under the other streams, but with so much competition, it’s unlikely to get more, especially as they may have to find extra money to meet the new application criteria.

Let’s give RNZ the funding it deserves.










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